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According to the recommendation of the Medical Council of the UK, if surrogate mothers have children, they should talk to them about this issue because the absence of the baby in the family after birth could be a cause of conflict in their children ( 10 ). The results of Women’s study showed that 52% of uterus donor mothers by complete arrangement preferred to tell the truth about the kind of pregnancy to their children, while this rate decreased to 24% in genetic surrogacy ( 30 ).
Von Halle’s total includes her agency’s fee of $18,500, legal and medical costs, and incidental expenses such as travel, so the surrogate and parents can negotiate the contract and typically have the birth in the state where the parents have residency.

You’ll probably pay the gestational surrogate’s expenses, including medical appointments, health insurance bills, travel costs, legal bills, and agency fees (if you’re using one).
The costs vary based on what the intended parents need,” says Scott Buckley, director of legal services at Circle Surrogacy, an agency specializing in matching gestational surrogates with intended parents.

In addition to a base surrogate mother pay, surrogates can also expect for the costs of their surrogacy process and pregnancy to be covered by the intended parents.
Though gestational surrogates are still used in just 1 percent of assisted reproductive technology procedures, the number of live births by surrogate mothers has increased steadily since the first baby was born to a woman from an implanted embryo in 1985 ( PDF ). There are no statistics for how many women have signed up to be surrogates or how many families attempt pregnancy with a gestational carrier, but figures from the CDC and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) show 1,939 babies were born to surrogate mothers in 2013, a 160 percent increase since the government began collecting data in 2004.

While surrogacy contracts vary, Esser says, the standard costs include an agency fee of around $25,000, $10,000 for the egg donor, $30,000 for the IVF and multiple embryo transfers, and legal fees that are likely to begin at $10,000.

Surrogacy and adoption both involve many services, professionals and fees, including program and agency fees, legal costs and medical expenses.
This includes the surrogate mother fee, the surrogacy agency fee, the cost of IVF and fertility treatments as well as pricing for legal, travel and other expenses.
Gestational surrogacy requirements for surrogate mothers make sure that intended parents have the best shot possible at a child.